North Fork School of Integrated Studies is an arts infused, holistic, integrated education designed to provide academic excellence through experiential learning. The aim of NFSIS is to balance academic subjects with artistic and practical activities. By freely using arts and activities in service of teaching academics an internal motivation is developed in the students. The teachers strive to model a human being who is wise, artistic and compassionate. They are people who are interested in the world and optimistic about the future. They are dedicated to guarding and cherishing the children under their care and committed to showing the world in beauty and truth.

The school opened within Paonia Elementary School as "a school within a school" in 2015. In 2021 Paonia Elementary School moved and became Paonia K8 and NFSIS remained as the only school in the building, As of 2021-2022 the school hosts a full day preschool and classes for Kindergarten through 6th grade.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the school, call 970-527-3639. To register for the upcoming year, you can complete an application online under "Registration"

NFSIS Testimonials

7 months ago

The opportunity to place our kids in a Waldorf Inspired Public School is one of the main reasons we moved to Paonia.  NFSIS has far surpassed our hopes and dreams for our children's education!  The teachers and staff are caring and thoughtful.  The campus is centrally located and suits our children's educational needs.  Among other things, our family greatly values and appreciates the attention given to outdoor education.  Little did we know, the entire town would reflect the brilliance and connection we feel with the school community.  The relationships we've cultivated with other families no doubt will last a lifetime!  We LOVE NFSIS!!!

Having a child at North Fork School of Integrated Studies, I feel messages of community and connection to be woven throughout our everyday lives with the school. The school is small and, with most families knowing each other and living nearby, we have learned that connection makes us more resilient and, generally, happier. This feeling expands to our children feeling a sense of community and belonging where they live. We have a community rhythm to our lives that supports deep emotional, spiritual and mental growth for our children. I am grateful every day that my daughter gets to attend NFSIS.

~ Amber T.