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North Fork School of Integrated Studies is an arts infused, holistic, integrated education designed to provide academic excellence through experiential learning. The aim of NFSIS is to balance academic subjects with artistic and practical activities. By freely using arts and activities in service of teaching academics an internal motivation is developed in the students. The teachers strive to model a human being who is wise, artistic and compassionate. They are people who are interested in the world and optimistic about the future. They are dedicated to guarding and cherishing the children under their care and committed to showing the world in beauty and truth.

The school opened within Paonia Elementary School as "a school within a school" in 2015. As of the 2017-2018 school year, the school will offer classes Kindergarten through 6th grade.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the school, call 970-527-3639.

To register for the upcoming year, you can complete an application online at http://nfsis.deltaschools.com or in person at the school.




This week:

  • 3/21 - 3rd and 4th grade cooking at Trading Post


  • 3/25 - 2PM Eurythmy performance at Paradise theater
  • 3/25 - Parent/Teacher conferences in the PM - by invitation only
  • 3/27 - Garden Bed building with Pat from 1 - 3:30PM
  • 3/27 - Community Council meeting 4:30 - 6PM

Gratitudes: Thanks to Shari and Moriah for volunteering to help run the NFSIS yard sale. Thanks to Simon and AnnMarie for organizing outdoor lunches for the kids in 1st - 4th grade.


  • Intent to Enroll: We have had tremendous interest in our program - especially in the lower grades. We may need to cap our classes and begin a wait list. Please send back the intent to enroll form in your folder to ensure your spot next year.
  • Picnic Tables: Simon Wain is leading a group of parents to proctor outdoor lunches for 1st - 4th grades. He is trying to purchase two picnic tables for the space outside Jenica’s room. The tables are $120 each. NFSIS is planning to fund one table. If you would like to contribute money to the other table, please let Christi G. know.
  • Class structure for next year:

    We are excited to announce our school structure for next year:

    • Kinder - Ms. Colleen Dolan
    • 1st grade - Ms. Jenica Schevene
    • 2nd/3rd grade - Ms.Lauren Ziccardi
    • 4th/5th/6th grade - Ms. Tricia Tittle with a part time aide to be hired.

      Questions? Talk to Christi G.

  • NFSIS Yard Sale:

    We are looking for GOOD STUFF for our NFSIS yard sale. Please bring your gently used items to the space by Christi’s desk. You can also give items to Shari Paulsen.

    We will host a “yard sale donation drop-off” from community members at NFSIS from 3/25-3/29. There will be a big box outside the school 3pm – 5pm. Shari and Dave Paulsen will be waiting to collect donations.

    OR schedule an item pickup with Shari and Dave Paulsen by calling or texting 702-306-2881.

    We want to put your unwanted items to good use! We’re accepting:

    • Craft supplies
    • Like-new Clothing
    • Costumes
    • Accessories
    • Sports Equipment
    • Toys
    • Books
    • Kitchenware
    • Tools
    • Furniture
    • Decorative Items
    • High quality linens
    • Small electronics in good condition

  • Parent Teacher Conferences:

    We will have parent teacher conferences by invitation or request on 3/25 from

    4 - 8. If we have something we need to discuss with you about your child, we will contact you. If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher for any reason, please contact the teacher directly to find a time to meet on 3/25.

  • Testing Coming Up:

    The PARCC/CMAS state test is coming up in the second week of April. These tests are for 3 - 6th graders. If you have any questions about this, please see Christi or your child’s teacher.

  • Family Fun Ride:

    The second annual Family Fun ride is coming up on May 18th. Shari Paulsen and Jamie Gilroy are heading up the event and would be happy to have more support. Talk to one of them or to Christi G. if you are interested.

  • NFSIS Highlights:

    Kindergarten is continuing with learning letters through songs, art and stories. They have almost completed their magic wands sewn out of felt. Soon they will start taking field trips to the river park and begin to enjoy spring.

    First and second is enjoying the rhythm enrichment with David Alderdice. Theare beginning a short block of remarkable people. They studied St Patrick and are moving on to Siddartha.

    The 3rd and 4th graders are continuing their Hebrew Mythology block this week.

    They will be cooking at the Trading Post this Thursday. Come join them for lunch at

    noon and eat a yummy "Hebrew" meal! A $10 donation is requested if you want to join

    at noon, or if you want to help out, it is free!

    Fifth and Sixth grade want to t hank Thesa for her service to the fifth grade . They have learned so much about Greek Mythology. They will continue those studies throughout literature circles, reading historical fiction. They have prepared long and hard for the PARCC test. The kids are thriving in Math and ELA.

    **Children who are drawing a picture for the Arbor Day contest, must turn in picture to Lauren by Wednesday.





The North Fork School of Integrated Studies is a Waldorf-inspired public school that nurtures intelligent and courageous human beings who create beauty and bring solutions to a diverse world.


  • We value experiential learning steeped in the arts and nature, and grounded in practical life.
  • We value a developmentally sensitive a culturally rich curriculum.
  • We value curiosity, wonder, and imagination as the beginning of knowledge.
  • We value teacher-directed learning.
  • We value students creating their own learning materials using high-quality supplies/products.
  • We value collaboration.
  • We value goodness, beauty, and truth in the world.



Our vision is to awaken confident, competent, and compassionate individuals to the wonder of learning so that they may thrive and contribute within a vibrant community.


Please visit our calendar page for a list of upcoming events.

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