Second grade is a time of awakening awareness in the world around them for the 7/8 year old. The overarching theme of metamorphosis weaves through the year. Language arts are taught through telling stories and tales, which are then illustrated and the students compose short compositions guided by the teacher. Throughout the Language Arts blocks, basic skills are woven into the lessons to develop writing structure, handwriting, phonics, and spelling. Students’ capacity for reading grows through writing and reading what they have written as well as working in reading groups. In mathematics students work with larger numbers this year and further practice the four functions. They focus on relationships and patterns as they memorize the rest of their times tables, 1 through 12, work with carrying and borrowing, and place value. Math is practiced regularly with games, movement, and rhythmic activities.

The science curriculum strives to develop a respect and appreciations for the natural world. Even the most ordinary things that surround us have a history and story that create wonder and curiosity. The students sharpen their observation skills watching the habits of animals and the nature of the plants around them. As the seasons change, so does the world, and all is impacted by the weather. The season turn into months as each student makes his or her own calendar. Engineering begins as students create pop-up books.

In second grade, the following curriculum components are introduced:


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