The first grader begins the school year with a sense of wonder and imagination that they feel deeply connected to. At this age they are also eager to learn and explore their new capabilities in an academic way. For Language Arts the first graders learn to write, and then read, as they are immersed in stories, fairy tales, poems, and songs. Students turn pictures into letters and then write short phrases or summaries, creating their own books with beauty. Math is a social subject combined with movement, rhythm, singing times tables, and using real world stories. The four functions are introduced and number sense is built through math instruction and games. Science is studied with hands on experiences and observation in gardening, nature studies, and hikes; observing how the world changes around them.

Children further express their learning through visual arts, drama, music, and dance. To develop spatial coordination and fine motor skills the teacher creates playful exercises with beanbags, movement, string games, recorder playing, form drawing and writing. Social emotional learning is emphasized throughout the school year to create and build a healthy classroom community, creating something of use and beauty each day.

In first grade, the following curriculum components are introduced:


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