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North Fork School of Integrated Studies is an arts infused, holistic, integrated education designed to provide academic excellence through experiential learning. The aim of NFSIS is to balance academic subjects with artistic and practical activities. By freely using arts and activities in service of teaching academics an internal motivation is developed in the students. The teachers strive to model a human being who is wise, artistic and compassionate. They are people who are interested in the world and optimistic about the future. They are dedicated to guarding and cherishing the children under their care and committed to showing the world in beauty and truth.

The school opened within Paonia Elementary School as "a school within a school" in 2015. As of the 2017-2018 school year, the school will offer classes Kindergaten through 6th grade.

For more information or to schedule a tour of the school, call 970-527-3639.

To register for the upcoming year, you can complete an application online at http://nfsis.deltaschools.com or in person at the school.




Next week and upcoming:

  • 12/19 - 3rd and 4th grade play at school at 2PM
  • 12/20 - 3rd and 4th grade play for parents 6pm (students arrive at 5:30)
  • 12/21 - Last day of school 2018, hot cider party and play in the park
  • 1/8 Back to school
  • 1/9 - Start mechanics enrichment
  • 1/10 - Bassoon Assembly 2PM

Gratitudes: Thanks to our amazing Winterfaire crew, Katy, Meghann, Thesa and Pat. They orchestrated a beautiful event that created wonderful memories. Thanks to all parents who lent a hand that day to make the event a success.

Volunteers: We are looking for Community Council members to join us at the 4 scheduled meetings this spring. Community Council is a chance to learn more about our school and also will newly be a place to voice concerns, comments and celebrations as well as make things happen! CC will be absorbing the ACE

committee in this way. Please see “Important Dates” for scheduled CC meetings.

Announcements: Please put the new “Important Dates” up in your house so that you can be aware of all the happenings coming up for our school.

PARKING - It has come to our attention that Parking on our side of the building can be a problem. If you plan to stay for awhile and hang out with other parents while picking up your kids, please consider parking in the Votech gravel area across from Subway instead of behind teacher cars. Please walk your kids safely from the playground to your car, wherever it may be parked.

T- SHIRTS!!! We now have NFSIS shirts and they are LOVELY, thanks to Seth Weber and lasting Impressions. Please see the attached picture. We are starting to make a shirt order - they will NOT be ready before the holiday. If you would like to order a shirt, please email Christi directly at christi.gubser@deltaschools.com or sign up for one at the list Specify Child or Adult XS through XL. Shirts run large. Let’s take our school spirit out into the streets of the North Fork and beyond. Tshirts are $18 dollars each. Our cost is $10 per shirt, so the funds raised will go right back into the school.

3rd - 6th grade parents - please look at the Powderhorn dates and return the sheets to us as soon as possible so that we can put together ride sharing for our skiing program this winter.

NFSIS is reaching out to the global community to support our Annual Giving campaign this year, and we encourage you to spread the word about our fundraising campaign through Facebook. If you are currently a Facebook user, you can click on the link and share the campaign directly through Facebook. The funds raised through this campaign will contribute greatly to our Enrichment Program, which includes classes in Spanish, Handwork, Orchestra, Cooking, Gardening, Outdoor Skills, Woodworking, Rhythm and Eurythmy. Thank you for your support!

After the holidays, if you have toys to donate to our Kindergarten, we will gladly accept Waldorf style toys made of simple materials.

Do we have any parents who feel passionate about climate change? Please email Christi Gubser directly and I will put you in touch with someone who is trying to organize parents and kids to talk to the Delta County commissioner.

Our very own Thesa Calinicos is teaching Arts for All in January, starting January 8th. Let's make a Mural the Whole Town can Admire!

This clay based bas-relief mural will be such that anyone can tell the story from the picture. This mural will be hung outside the NFSIS and PES walls that face the playground. Children will build, design and assemble the mural tiles. A Class project for Art in our Community. Sign up through Arts for All on the Blue Sage website. It will be taught by Thesa Callinicos.





The North Fork School of Integrated Studies is a Waldorf-inspired public school that nurtures intelligent and courageous human beings who create beauty and bring solutions to a diverse world.


  • We value experiential learning steeped in the arts and nature, and grounded in practical life.
  • We value a developmentally sensitive a culturally rich curriculum.
  • We value curiosity, wonder, and imagination as the beginning of knowledge.
  • We value teacher-directed learning.
  • We value students creating their own learning materials using high-quality supplies/products.
  • We value collaboration.
  • We value goodness, beauty, and truth in the world.



Our vision is to awaken confident, competent, and compassionate individuals to the wonder of learning so that they may thrive and contribute within a vibrant community.


Please visit our calendar page for a list of upcoming events.

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